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Amigo Charge is our popular Amigo Juice Powder Mix with phenylethylamine PEA. This ingredient is the natural endorphin phenylethylamine, or PEA, a compound naturally produced by the brain. When taken orally, PEA is known to readily cross the bloodbrain barrier and become immediately available for use. 

Although it is produced by the brain, phenylethylamine (PEA) can be found naturally in two foods: Chocolate and AFA (blue-green)algae, and as a key ingredient in the Amigo Charge. It is a natural mood elevator produced by the body but does not have long-lasting effects. When taken consistently, it is responsible for the feelings and experiences associated with mental awareness, concentration and attention. It can also create feelings of joy, pleasure and well-being. The feelings you experience when you are in love! 

Amigo Charge has all the three super fruits found in Amigo Juice, plus key ingredients to add vitality, energy, mental acuity, improved sleep patterns and a host of additional health benefits for mind body and spirit. Starting with the base of Acai Berry, Mangosteen Pericarp and Goji Berry, Amigo CHarge also contains... 

Phenylethylamine and its effects on Depression It was discovered that the amount of PEA in the brains of depressed patients was less than that of normal individuals, and that PEA given orally to individuals suffering from depression was able to reverse the depressive condition. In fact, it has been observed that most antidepressant drug treatments act by increasing the level of PEA in the brain. 

In one study, when taken orally (10 mg/day), PEA was shown to decrease the symptoms of depression in 60 percent of the patients tested. The patients did not develop tolerance, and PEA remained effective over time. 

Phenylethylamine and its effects on Mood Elevation 

The "Phenylethylamine Hypothesis of Affective Behavior" states that PEA is a neuromodulator that positively affects mood, attention, pleasure-seeking behavior, and libido. 

A British research team reports findings suggesting that moderate exercise increases PEA levels for most people. They say that this increase causes the euphoric mood often called "runners’ high." And because depressed people tend to have low PEA levels, the researchers say there now is an explanation of why exercise has a natural antidepressant action. 

Phenylethylamine and its effects on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) PEA can play an important role in the pathogenesis of learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. In the brain, PEA is captured into the presynaptic vessicles of the brain neurons and occupies the space normally taken by dopamine. This leads to an increase in free-circulating dopamine, enhancing dopaminergic transmission, which alleviates depression and Attention Deficit Disorder while increasing concentration and elevating mood. 

PEA has been effective at significantly improving concentration and mental performance shortly after consumption and may therefore prove to be a safe and effective natural substance alternative instead of a synthetic for the treatment of ADD. 

Amigo Charge is a great source of nutrient-rich whole foods to provide the body with what it needs to build a strong immune system and be truly healthy! 

Pure and Simple Nutrition found in Amigo Charge. The Acai Berry from the Amazon Rain Forest, The Mangosteen Fruit from the tropical forests of Thailand and the Goji Berry from the remote region of the Himatayas in Tibet, are all wild harvested and are grown in the most nutrient dense regions on the planet. 

The ingredients in AMIGO CHARGE may also provide relief to the following conditions:

• allergies 
• fibromyalgia
• alzheimer’s 
• heart disease 
• arthritis
• high cholesterol
• attention deficit disorder
• insomnia
• benign prostate hyperplasia
• parasites
• cancer 
• premature aging
• chronic fatigue syndrome
• sexual dysfunction
• depression 
• skin conditions
• diabetes 
• chronic pain
• diarrhea & dysentery
• inflammation
• anti-viral, bacterial

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