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Coenzyme Q10 Details
Ubiquinone, or coenzyme Q10, is an important nutrient. Two of its primary uses are for those who are taking high cholesterol pills (the statin drugs in particular). Certain lipid-lowering drugs, such as the 'statins' - lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin - and gemfibrozil as well as oral agents which lower blood sugar, such as tolazamide and glyburide, cause a decrease in serum levels of coenzyme Q10 and reduce the effects of coenzyme Q10 supplementation

These drugs inhibit the production of coenzyme Q10 by the liver and will cause serious complications unless one supplements coenzyme Q10 back into the diet. A prescription for lipid-lowering statin drugs should always be accompanied with a recommendation to take coenzyme Q10, because if a person is deficient in coenzyme Q10, heart failure is more likely. Beta-blockers (drugs which slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure) can inhibit coenzyme Q10-dependent enzyme reactions.

Coenzyme Q10 is also used in the cases of congestive heart failure, where it is particularly effective. Its importance to the human heart is illustrated by the fact that the heart may cease to function as coenzyme Q10 levels fall by 75%. In congestive heart failure, the heart cannot pump efficiently, which slows the flow of blood to the lungs and the rest of the body. The heart can temporarily maintain the blood in several ways. It can enlarge to pump extra blood; it can beat faster; or the ventricular walls can become thicker, which can strengthen the pumping ability.

ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a compound found in every cell of your body, serves as a source of energy for many of your bodyís biochemical processes and represents the reserve energy in your muscles. Your heart for example, being a muscle which is continually in motion, needs a constant supply of ATP. This is where the importance of Coenzyme Q10 comes into play: ATP cannot be produced without Coenzyme Q10.

Coenzyme Q10 is the catalyst for the creation of ATP. This means that Coenzyme Q10 plays a vital role in the inner workings of your body and, for obvious reasons, is found in the highest concentration in the heart.

Scientists also report additional novel uses of CoQ10, such as helping to slow the progression of Parkinsonís disease, preventing crippling migraine headaches, supporting immune health, guarding against periodontal disease, reserving healthy vision, and boosting male fertility.

CoQ10 May Prevent Migraine in Kids and Teens
- LEI Magazine January 2008. Coenzyme Q10 supplementation may prevent migraine headaches in those who are deficient in this nutrient.

* Researchers at Cincinnati Childrenís Hospital Medical Center assessed CoQ10 levels among more than 1,500 children and adolescents visiting a neurology clinic due to frequent headaches. Those with low CoQ10 levels were started on a program of CoQ10 supplementation. Their subsequent headaches and CoQ10 levels were monitored. About one third of the children and adolescents referred to the clinic for frequent headaches were CoQ10 deficient. A subset of patients who were seen in follow-up after about three months had normalized CoQ10 levels. The normalized CoQ10 patients reported fewer headaches, while headache disability scores decreased by more than half, overall.

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