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Colon Cleanse Details
Colon Cleanse is formulated specifically to help improve the health and function of the colon. This is an extremely important step toward improving the overall health and well being of the body.
Colon Cleanse is designed to assist in the detoxification of the colon.
Detoxification is the process of reducing the buildup of various poisonous substances within the body. In today's world of toxic overload from foods and environmental factors, keeping a clean colon is essential in fighting the disease process.
One of the most important systems in our bodies is the digestive system.
70% of the immune system comes from the gut. Serotonin balance is greatly affected by gut health. The real story is that most digestive problems are the result of a long term and chronic “poor digestive lifestyle.” Digestive problems are a result of years of digestive abuse. We eat too much, we drink too much, we fail to chew our foods, we do not drink enough water, and our foods are not high quality, nor loaded with enzymes and minerals.
If you have just one bowel movement a day you have a back up of 6 meals in the colon at all times.
This leads to toxins and sets up the environment in the body that could lead to a disease process in the body. Depression, constipation, Candida, parasites, brain fog, rashes, immune weakness all can be indicators of a toxic bowel.

Main Ingredients for Colon Cleanse:

Fennel Seed - increases the production of digestive fluids, reduces inflammation, and acts as an antiseptic and diuretic. 

Ginger - is a digestive stimulate to encourage the production of digestive fluids and saliva. Ginger neutralizes acids and toxins in the digestive tract 

Cascara Sagrada - an herbal laxative, non-habit forming and mild in nature for chronic constipation. 

Licorice Root - is known as “The Great Detoxifier”. Licorice has works on kidneys, liver, spleen and stomach spasms, strengthens adrenal glands, lowers cholesterol and acts as a mild laxative. 

Goldenseal - is an astringent used to tone specific organs and glands in the body. Goldenseal increases secretion of digestive enzymes and fluids, increases bile production, and helps regulate liver and spleen function. 

Psyllium Seed - is the broom for the colon. Psyllium sweeps out build up debri on the colon. 

Rhubarb - Eliminates worms, enhances gallbladder function and has antibiotic properties. Helps with disorders associated with the colon, spleen and the liver. Good for constipation, malabsorption and parasitic infection. Rhubarb purifies the blood, stimulates peristaltic action and tightens body tissues.

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