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SangoMin Marine Coral Calcium Details

It needs to be noted that most other calcium and coral calcium products are basically calcium carbonate. The body must change this into calcium oxide before it can be absorbed into the tissues of the body. SangoMin Coral Calcium, when placed into distilled or reverse osmosis water diffuses into that water ionic calcium oxide, not calcium carbonate.

The harvesting of the sango coral grains around Okinawa is highly regulated and monitored by the Japanese government. Harvesting is required to be carried on at least 1,500 meters away from any live coral bed. The live coral beds are in no way adversely affected, but, instead, are flourishing.

We should be able to ingest and absorb the ionic minerals we need in the natural whole foods we eat. However, studies show that the levels of ionic minerals remaining in the agricultural soil in the U.S. are being rapidly depleted. This means that the ionic minerals available in our fruits, vegetables and grains have seriously diminished throughout the years. Therefore, in order to overcome this documented mineral deficiency, we must supplement our foods.

There is no better ionic mineral supplement available than SangoMin Coral Calcium. It may be the answer to the mineral deficiency and lack of acid/alkaline balance that is plaguing our population. It could very well be the key factor in supplying the minerals the body needs to obtain and maintain optimal health.

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